Wild Hide

Wild Hide Exotic Leathers have been long term lovers of ours at Max Black. Specialising in BDSM gear and accessories, Wild Hide make incredible handcrafted Australian leather goods that have been satisfying our kink and strap on needs since the beginning of Max as you know it now.

Proudly supporting another small business, we can guarantee that every Wild Hide Exotic Leather piece has been made with love and attention by genuine BDSM aficionados. We’ve collaborated closely on certain custom pieces such as the Maxie Harness, and fill most of our staple range of leather cuffs, floggers and paddles with their quality Australian leather. The Wild Hide Deluxe Harness continues to be one of our store’s best sellers and is almost impossible to beat in comfort, versatility, stability and ease of use.

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We’re thrilled with every Wild Hide Exotic Leathers delivery and clearly so are our customers. As it does sell very quickly, make sure you get in while things are in stock, either in-store or online. Each handcrafted piece takes time to create - though the wait is definitely worth it.


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