What's more important? Quality or affordability? Well with VeDO you don't have to choose.   

With a collective of dedicated designers and engineers, each and every VeDO toy has been expertly crafted to meet a multitude of fantastic forms and functions.

Whether you're in the market for clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators or rabbit vibrators VeDO’s range of high quality silicone toys are an absolute pleasure for play. But that's not all, don't forget VeDO caters to all body types meaning they've also made a medley of vibrating cock rings, anal vibrators and prostatic vibrators too. VeDO’s seamless design and colourful pallet are not only beautiful to look at but have been made to an environmental standard and are made from 100% body safe materials.

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Remote, rechargeable or battery powered, there's truly is a VeDO for everyone and with VeDO’s whisper quiet motor, the only sounds you’ll need to conceal are your shrieks of delight!


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