It's wonderful when the brands we love carry a great backstory that aligns with the Max Black ethos. Tantus have always been trailblazers in the adult industry; they make dildos, anal toys and many other vibrating and non-vibrating pleasure products with a focus on sexual health as well as sex and pleasure. Tantus began in late 1997 and promoted education on the standards of sex toys and the materials used to make them, in a time when there was very little awareness around this.

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These days, toy users are well informed on body safe materials. Right from the start, Max Black made a commitment to self-regulate the materials used in toys we stocked, in an industry that doesn't have in-built regulations. We believed in the combination of awareness and consumer pressure to shape industry standards from the ground up - we couldn’t have done this without brands such as Tantus. Making silicone toys of this quality before they were all the buzz, Tantus pursued the company mission of creating intimate products that encouraged health in both body and mind.

Check out Tantus’ large range of high quality, ergonomic, unique silicone formula toys online or in-store. You’ll find non-realistic and realistic dildos, Pack n Play dildos, dual density, vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, strap on kits, Feeldoe, Realdoe and much much more.


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