Designed in the US, Svakom have an exciting range of vibrators, kegel balls, partner toys, wands, cock rings and more, with award winning designs and innovative technology. We’re huge fans of Svakom. They are not only ahead of the game in many ways, but also have created products that are completely accessible to all level of toy players. In fact, we think Svakom is an excellent luxury product for beginners with their sleek, ergonomic designs and versatile selection of speed intensities and modes. Great examples are the top selling Barbara rabbit style vibrator and the Mini Emma Wand.

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Because we and they know you shouldn’t have to wait for pleasure, Svakom vibrators have some of the fastest charging times, as well as models such as the Leo vibrator that have a whopping 48 hour continuous use battery capacity. Svakom are also the inventors of the award winning Siime Eye camera vibrator, the first ever vibrator with high quality recording technology, demonstrating their care for your health, as well as your pleasure.

Svakom continues its high quality reputation with 100% green, rechargeable technology and medical grade silicone materials. There’s a Svakom product for everyone. Please use Svakom toys with quality water based lubricant only.


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