Versatile, body safe and bringing you a beautiful botanically infused product range, Sliquid has a lubricant to suit any style of play. 100% vegan and cruelty free, you can be sure the only impact made will be in the bedroom, not on the environment.

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At Max Black we’re committed to finding the world’s best lubricant. Sliquid has formulated one of the purest water based lubricants. Utilising natural plant cellulose as a thickening agent, Sliquid is a healthier pH balanced alternative to traditional lubricants that use animal based glycerin. Whether for comfort, safer sex or increasing pleasure, Sliquid’s got you covered. Try Sliquid H2O for a simple classic lubricant. Looking for a no-drip experience? Sliquid Sassy adds a sensual touch to more intense forms of play. For a warmer ride, you'll love Sliquid Sizzle, with gentle warming botanicals. No matter what your temptation, Sliquid is an absolute bedside essential, with a texture to suit everybody.

Purchase from our handpicked collection of body safe lubricants online, or visit our lube-ary in-store. We provide testers of each of our lubricants so you can touch, taste and find the right lube for you.


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