For something deeply sensual, explore and pleasure you and/or your lover’s body with the gift of touch and massage. Whether it’s for some erotic foreplay, connecting and winding down after a long day or just a generous gesture, massage and sensual play is accessible and deeply rewarding for everyone involved. We’re made a collection of our favourite massage oils, massage candles and accessories for a romantic night in.

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Sensory Overload

At Max Black, we’ve made touch and massage romance even easier with our range of romantic candles, massage oils and accessories, including ones designed for olfactory stimulation, temperature, sex and even taste. Our massage oils come in both oil form and as massage candles, such as the Maison Close or Bedroom Antics Massage Candles.

Massage candles burn at a controlled temperature and are specially formulated to turn into a massage oil, which can be poured directly onto the body or hands. Adding fragrance to the room while they burn, they not only get things in the mood, but are often made with highly nourishing ingredients that reset for next time. For a truly decadent experience, massage candles such as Bijoux Kissable Massage Candles are even lightly flavoured for gentle kisses.

Happy to stick to traditional massage oils? Our range of Kama Sutra oils are inspired by the art of lovemaking, dating back to the 4th century. Or, you can just enjoy the smell alone of romantic candles such as the Bedroom Antics Soy Candles. For those who want to get even more intimate with their massage, try the Bijoux 2-in-1 silicone massage gel for all over body and sex safe lubricant. Come in-store and have a smell and feel, or choose from our quality approved collection online.


Massage tips

  • We love the slip-n-slide of massage oils on the skin, but remember never to use oils as personal lubricant. Not only is it not compatible with condoms, but bodies don’t like oil internally either. For the same amount of slide, try a nice scented silicone lubricant from Mixgliss or Bijoux 2-in-1 for massage and intimate play.
  • If you like getting a bit messy with your oils, but can’t handle the ruined sheets and clean up, try the Liberator Fascinator Throe. It’s a total dream for post play clean up, with an inner moisture barrier ensuring your bedding stays spotless.
  • Moving into wax play? We have a range of soy based candles that are safe for body and wax play, as they have a lower burning temperature. Making sure they’re uncoloured, they’re also easy to get out of cloth and bedding.

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