We like to indulge all the senses, not to mention dessert at any time of day. Here at Max, we have a delectable range of edible body paint, oils and lubricants, plus other lick-able yummies for just that purpose.

Optimising the senses can develop a new level of intimacy between partners, physically and emotionally, plus it’s tasty! Feel free to taste test our full range of edible products including lubricants, body paints, oils, and body gels in-store at Max Black.

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Our Range of Tasty Treats

Be it edible body paint or sprays, tasty massage oils, or flavoured lubricants for more intimate areas, there will be something delicious to suit every taste.

We stock treats like Bijoux edible body powders and massage oils, Wicked or Swiss Navy for body friendly, intimate flavoured lubricant, and Heavenly Body Chocolate for the most naughty and delectable edible body paint.

If you like fruity and sweet or something a little savoury, our flavour range is huge from cherry to salted caramel, minty candy cane and strawberry kiwi. Come in-store to try them all, or check out our range online - we’ve pre-sampled them all, so you can have our first hand taste approval.


Our Favourite Flavours

  • Love the Wicked edible lubricant range but can’t choose just one? How about our Wicked Teasers 10 pack? This scrumptious selection features sachets of their best flavours like Salted Caramel, Mocha Java, and Candy Apple. Plus, it’s sweetened with Stevia, so good for taste and zero sugar for your intimate areas.
  • For some shine, shimmer, and a little added taste, Bijoux Kissable Body Powder is our go to for a night out (or in) with that someone special. It looks gorgeous, tastes great and doesn’t get sticky. What a dream.
  • If you have an absolute sweet tooth that no lubricant or body oil can tame, try Heavenly Nights Chocolate Edible Body Paint. You’ll turn you and your partner/s bodies into the most decadent dessert, and it tastes just like melted chocolate.

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