Get your olfactory organs pumping with the seductive scents at Max Black. Get in the mood with our romantic room candles, or lather up your or your lover’s body in the shower with our scented water-soluble body and massage oils. Using one of the most evocative of senses, you’ll be creating long terms memories of your most erotic moments.

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Finding your sensual scent is so personal, so we’ve created a collection of various fragrance combinations that can get your blood pumping. Spritz your body in a cloud of the erotic signature blend of ylang ylang, jasmine and roses with Bijoux Aphrodisia Body Spray - also available in a candle and massage oil. Or scent your boudoir and your bedding with Aphrodisia using the L’essence du Boudoir room spray.

Bedroom Antics has a collection of gorgeous fragrance blends in Shower and Massage Oil, as well as room candles. Get tropical with Beach Lover or spicy with The Adventurer. Their decadent massage oils not only feel so good on the body, but you can also use them in the shower as a moisturiser that rinses off and leaves you smelling great.

Want something even more interactive? Check out our gorgeous range of massage oils and massage candles in Touch & Massage. Explore our collection in-store or online today.


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