Fresh and Clean!

We are pretty sure OutKast were singing about their toy-cleaning regime, right? 

Eh, either way they were onto something. Health and hygiene are a huge priority right now and products to keep us fresh and clean are hot commodities. Thankfully Max is packed to the rafters with toy cleaners and even more know-how. 

We j’adore all our toys, but some are a little easier to keep healthy. If you’re concerned about bacteria, picking a high grade silicone toy, or one made from metal or glass makes cleaning a dream. Of course, fully waterproof is best to get your toys adequately rubbed up (and down heh heh). Even if we’re not leaving the house our personal hygiene also needs to be kept up, so why not grab a little summin’ for shower-play? Bathmate pumps or a suction cup dildo, anyone? Just some ideas...  

Read more on toy cleaning here!

Shop below for our picks, and feel free to give us a call with any questions on the best and safest ways to keep your toys squeaky clean. 

Stay safe, stay fresh, stay clean!


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