Silky, sexy, and sensual, there is literally nothing quite like a skin tight latex outfit. And at Max, we cater to every sartorial taste. Our collection of feminine cut styles range from sleek and sexy latex lingerie to striking full body catsuits, each so stunning you actually won’t want to stop touching yourself.

We’ve collected pieces from all over Europe and the UK to bring the best beautiful and sexy latex styles and collections to you, in-store in our Rubber Room and here online at Max Black.

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Feminine Latex styles at Max

Our range of feminine styles include latex catsuits, latex bodysuits, latex lingerie, latex gloves, latex pants and leggings, latex hobble skirts, and latex dresses, with a range of styles available in sizes up to 3XL. They will leave you feeling yourself in ways you never thought a garment could. And with only the best brands like Libidex, Etiquette, Honour, and Ooh La Latex, you’ll find something with exceptional quality to fall in love with.

Walking into the world in latex is empowering, sexy, and sensual, and we highly recommend trying on a piece, no matter how small. Come in-store to see our whole collection in the flesh, and chat latex care with our rubber loving staff.

Please note, due to limited availability, not all of our latex clothing and accessories will be available online. For our full range, come in-store and visit our Rubber Room.


Latex Lingerie Care

  • Caring for your latex is very important in order to make your latex garments last for years and years.
  • Make sure you give your pieces a good clean in warm water and a neutral soap, or with a specialised product like Viviclean, after every use. Oils, dirt, and sweat from wearing your garments can degrade the rubber if left on for too long, so make sure you wash your latex after each wear.
  • Never use chemicals, perfumes, make up, or dyes on your latex. These will degrade and stain the material.
  • Use a specialised latex shiner or good quality 100% silicone based lubricant for shining purposes. We recommend Pjur silicone lubricant or Vivishine.