For the head-to-toe festishist, or someone closet-ly kinky, latex accessories are the perfect completion or accent to any outfit. Celebrities worldwide are jumping on the rubber bandwagon for a bold and sexy sartorial statement, and so should you with our deluxe range of rubber.

No matter what the occasion, we consider latex to always be the appropriate attire. Shop with us online, or visit us in-store to see our full range of shiny statement pieces.

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The Max Black Collection of Latex Accessories

Our latex accessories span from latex gloves, pussy bows, studded clutches, belts, hats and latex hoods and masks. Every consideration has been made at Max to ensure we’ve got what you need to finish off or perfect your look. Using only the best quality latex on the market, our brands include Honour, Etiquette, Ooh La Latex, Libidex, William Wilde, plus more

Whether you’re looking for something light and gentle to ease into your rubber indulgence, or a full sensory deprivation latex hood, you’ll find that extra something you desire amongst our latex accessories. As we import from overseas, our stock can be limited and waiting times long, so if you see something you love, we recommend purchasing it posthaste. If you’re new to latex, feel free to ask us any questions online or in-store.


Latex Polish and Cleaning

We’re so glad you’re here. Looking after your latex clothing and accessories is vital for both the look and longevity of your handcrafted garment, after all it is your second skin. While the process may seem overwhelming to begin with, it becomes a really simple process with time. It’s all about having the right latex care products.



For your latex clothing to survive more than a couple of wears, it’s important that you clean it after every use. This basic step of care will be the make or break of how long your latex lasts.

Even if you adhere to all the latex care guides of not wearing moisturisers, perfumes or oils, your own body sweat needs to be cleaned from your garment after each use. Got a big piece? Jump straight in the shower! Otherwise, these simple latex care steps will keep your rubber happy.

  • Fill a basin or tub big enough for your garment with tepid water
  • Use either a really gentle soap, such as unscented baby shampoo, or a latex care product like Viviclean (especially for heavier play) made especially for your item
  • Gently handwash your garment with your hands - never use abrasives and do not scrub
  • Rinse clean and pat dry, then leave to further air dry.
  • You can immediately follow the rinsing step with a product such as Vivishine.



Latex polish is a win-win. Not only will a good latex polish give you that ultra wet-look shine, but will nourish your latex clothing. It’s not a great idea to oversaturate your latex with any ol’ product, so go for the recommended latex polish or a really high quality silicone lubricant, such as Pjur. Follow the directions as instructed by each product.



Store your latex in a breathable garment bag, and keep colours and transparent latex separate. Store it away from direct sunlight. You can powder your latex for storage as we do in-store with baby powder, however we strongly recommend rinsing it before wear.

If you have any questions about latex polish or latex care, including which latex care products will work best for your particular garment, feel free to give us a call or visit us in-store.