Healing Sex

What is Healing Sex?

Healing Sex is about providing support networks and useful information so that everyone can have equal access to resources that create dynamic and enjoyable play and intimacy. We understand there are various emotions as well as hurdles that can arise with changes in health, and at Max, we are proud to create a safe environment that eases discussion on these topics.

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The following are a collection of carefully selected products which have proven helpful and popular in assisting with a range of specific needs. These products are useful tools to help those with a disability explore their sexuality solo or with a partner/s.

Some Ideas for Healing Play...

  • For some, once they are ready to approach sex again, creating a safe and sensually conducive environment can be key in the process of exploring arousal again or for the first time. Simple things like setting the bedroom with fresh sheets, flowers, burning lavender incense, or rose essential oil, mood lighting and so on can all help SET THE SCENE for arousal. Bubble baths, soft music and sensual massage can all aid in creating a safe and romantic mood. Some of the items we offer at Max include scented MASSAGE CANDLES and OILS.

  • LUBRICANTS are also great for sex, masturbation, toys and general intimate hydration. They come in a variety of consistencies and are designed to ease movement, and enhance sensation. Lubricant can also nourish the vaginal walls in cases where a person has received radiation therapy, allowing the mucosal tissue inside the vagina to stay supple and comfortable. We stock all kinds of organic and preservative-free lubricants.

  • Stimulating OILS and GELS are also available to enhance genital sensitivity depending on preference.

  • We also stock a variety of narrow VIBRATORS, and soft silicone DILATORS that are wonderful devices for those healing or re-exploring their vulva and vagina.

  • Good LITERATURE also plays an integral role in healing, topics in our book category include hormonal, surgical, pre/post cancer treatment options, and guidance for moving forward through healing. A few titles we stock are Woman Cancer Sex, Man Cancer Sex, Healing Painful Sex and Healing Sex.

  • WEARABLE, COUPLES VIBRATORS and COCK RINGS, can be attached directly to the hands, or genitals. These vibrators can work well for those with limited mobility. We also stock APP CONTROLLED vibrators that can be controlled by yourself, a partner/s or a sex worker via a Bluetooth connection (as far as international if you like!)

  • PENIS PUMPS have proven helpful for some people as an aid in achieving harder erections. They work by drawing blood into the penis via a vacuum. COCK RINGS aid in the retention of blood in the penis, increasing its turgor. Blood entering the penis is held in via the pressure of the restrictive ring. They are available in rubber, stainless steel, chrome or leather. Cock rings work well in combination with penis pumps to retain the turgor that the penis pump has produced.

  • The use of DILDOS and prostate PLUGS, in both pre and post surgery patients, can also enhance how you create end enjoy stimulation in the future. Stimulation of the PROSTATE can actually benefit health and help people with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION orgasm.

  • Sex RAMPS and WEDGES can enhance access to positioning, support posture and alleviate pressure on the body.

  • Give us a CALL IN-STORE to discuss which products may best suit your preference for play.

Shopping at Max Black

Due to NSW law regulations all adult premises are scarcely accessible directly via street level. We understand that this can be an obstacle to some of our customers, so we encourage calling our store and talking with one of the friendly staff. If you have any questions or require any recommendations, we’re happy to discuss the tricky questions you may have, be it reduced sensation, limited mobility or health issues our staff can work with you to identify what sexual activities you would like to participate in, then brainstorm ways and find particular products that can best support that play.

At Max Black, we pride ourselves on making no assumptions about your identity, status and sexuality - including based on what you are purchasing or enquiring about. Across the board, we take discretion seriously, both in-store and online. Our packaging and parcels will always be discreet and our staff value and respect your privacy.


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