Safe Sex

The Max Black vision is synonymous with promoting and extending our knowledge of sexual health, and condoms are a great place to start. We’ve scoured our sources for the best condoms in Australia, and have curated an online and in-store collection for all types of play, sensitivities, and bodily needs. Not only do the best condoms make sex safer - they can make it more playful, with lots of varieties to explore.

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At Max we stock all the essentials: latex and nonlatex condoms, femidoms, large condoms, dental dams, non-lubricated, and nitrile gloves, as well as something a little different, like flavoured, vegan, and ribbed condoms. Check out our condoms online, or come in-store and chat to our knowledgeable staff about what style of protection is best for you and your needs.


Condoms 101 

  • Never use oil based products with your condoms, these can degrade and weaken the material, allowing for breakage. Water and silicone are a-ok though.
  • Always check the expiry date on your condom packet. They do expire and this can lead to tearing and breakage.
  • If something doesn’t feel quite right with your ‘dom, come in and ask. Each product is sized differently, and you may need a larger or snugger fit. A bit of lube on your shaft under a condom can give extra sensitivity.
  • Sometimes it can be a case of trial and error. Some brands just work with different bodies. If irritation occurs, check if it’s the latex and also consider your lube choice if it contains glycerin. See our lube section for more info.
  • Condoms are a quick and convenient option for safe sex practice with toys when playing with different partners.