Gender Expression

At Max, we are solid supporters of our trans and non-binary community. We’ve created a collection of items and resources that we assembled with your help and suggestions, and our own thorough research from what’s available. From packers to books, we’ve listened to peer suggestions, professional advice and will continue to expand this collection. We’re aware that our collection is still limited. We aim to diversify our collection to cater to more bodies and areas of gender expression.

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If you have any questions or require any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to call or visit us in-store. At Max Black, we pride ourselves on making no assumptions about your identity, status and sexuality - including based on what you are purchasing or enquiring about. Across the board, we take discretion seriously, both in-store and online. Our packaging and parcels will always be discreet and our staff value your privacy.


What will you find here?

This section encompasses anything that might aid in physical or self expression of your gender, be it binary, non-binary or non-conforming. We stock items such as a variety of soft packers, underwear, binders, vaginal dilators and STPs. It also includes sex toys such as packable dildos and masturbation sleeves that are made for trans folk. We’ve teamed with excellent brands such as New York Toy Collective, Tantus, Perfect Fit Buck Off and RodeoH to not only provide you with excellent products, but companies that are also committed to the cause.

You’ll also find guides such as the Ultimate Guide to Strap On Sex and LGBT+ community magazines such as Dirty Queer and Archer as further resources. We will never profess to know more about your body than you do, so feel free to contact us online or in-store if you have any recommendations or are looking for a particular product you’re trying to source.