Toy & Body Care

With adult toys comes adult responsibility, and that responsibility can be met through a good sex toy cleaner. A thorough sex toy cleaning regime should be a high priority to prevent bacteria spreading, maintaining the life of your toy, and safe play with partner/s. We have a wide range of products that will leave your toys feeling and smelling fresh and new, available both online and in-store.

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Antibacterial toy cleaners are the easiest way to keep all your toys happy. At Max Black, we have a range of sex toy cleaners in sprays and foams, as well as toy and personal wipes safe for the body. A pH neutral soap bath for your submersibles is a great preliminary step and is sometimes enough for non-porous materials, but to ensure the best clean, you can’t go past cleaning sex toys with a body safe toy cleaner.

Sanitizing toys can be as easy as a spritz from a bottle, so jump online to find the best option for you. If you have any allergies or skin irritations, or simply just not sure what’s best for you and your toys, come in-store or call and chat to one of our staff about the different hygiene solutions.

Sex Toy Cleaning Step by Step:

  • After play, rinse your toy/s under some warm water. If they’re not water or splash proof, get a damp cloth and wipe down your toy. Be sure not to get electronics or battery compartments wet.
  • After your toy bath, spray your product with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Unless specified, leave it for 10 minutes (most products will only require 1-2 mins).
  • We recommend rinsing your toy after you’ve used a toy cleaner, and before every use.
  • Be sure to store your toys out of direct sunlight, away from other products and preferably in a dust-proof toy bag. Store silicone toys separately.