We refuse to believe that print is dead! At Max Black we love our community ‘rags, and we endeavour to stock the best print Australia has to offer. Be it gay and lesbian magazines, sex and sexuality magazines, gender non-conforming mags, or fetish magazines, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

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Our Titles

Stocking titles the likes of Archer, Subvrt and Skin Two, Max’s selection is simply good journalism, beautiful design, quality LGBT+ content, and fetish magazines. Check out stories on your favourite topics, or broaden your knowledge with something new.

Stories and authors are wide and varied, so look at features the likes of ‘Sex over 70’, ‘Gender Fluid Fashion’, ‘Motherhood and Sexuality’, plus much, much more.

These community minded publications are sourced throughout Australia as some of the best writing, editorial, and LGBTQIA+ content in the industry. Consider these magazines your go-to’s for on the pulse content and education surrounding politics, sex, gender and fetish.


Meet the Family

  • Archer: Archer is a Melbourne based publication that focuses on gender, sexuality, and identity. Focusing on the voices of lesser heard people and communities, Archer is a stronghold in the LGBT and Queer community, both Australia and worldwide. Archer Magazine is published twice a year, as well as weekly articles online.
  • Skin Two: Skin Two is a British mag started in 1983, specialising in all things fetish fashion, parties, events, and BDSM culture. With a worldwide reputation, the print edition of Skin Two brings light on alternative fashion, perfect for lovers of latex, fetish, and all things BDSM.
  • Subvrt Mag is an alternative media source that seeks to celebrate the unusual, educate the skeptical, explore the unknown and disrupt from the foundations. Promoting diversity and self-love is what Subvrt is about, and representing this through creative mediums such as fashion, photography and art is how they aim to share the love!
  • Max also offers free community magazines such as LOTL and Star Observer, come in store and get a copy today.