At Max, we are here to help better or expand your play repertoire, in every situation, and with whatever company. While there is certainly no one way to play, it’s nice to explore resources written by highly regarded authors and sexperts on sex tips and tricks. We have designed a selection of sex manuals and how-to’s on pretty much every area of play you could possibly imagine. Created to at least inspire creativity, confidence and exploration in the bedroom, consider these your guides to better sex.

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Our How-To Library

Whether you’re wanting to develop closer intimacy with yourself and partner/s or learn some new positions and styles of play, we’ve got the perfect guide. With titles like Girl Sex 101, The Ethical Slut, Healing Sex, and much much more, you’ll surely find something to guide. If you’re unsure where to start, just ask one of our staff. Plus, lots of these books are perfectly paired with some of our sex toys.

When it comes to understanding your body better, learning to talk about your sexual fantasies, or discussing alternatives to monogamy like open relationships and polyamory, we all have lots of questions, and a good book is the perfect answer. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else has asked before. Reading is also a great partner activity where you can discuss or get steamy and inspired by the content. This can help you understand your own or your lover’s body better, because in the end, the best sex guide is actually yourselves.


Healing Sex Guides

At Max we always advise seeing the appropriate health care professional for any important matters you might be facing. It is also helpful to learn what you can in regards to your own personal health and development too, that's why at max we stock good health care guides and literature such as; Woman Cancer Sex, Man Cancer Sex, and Healing Painful Sex. Staff at Max have received basic healthcare training, so that within our capacity we can best support you on working on your sexual journey with discretion, warmth and compassion.


BDSM How-To Library

We want you to explore every aspect of your sexuality, and sometimes a good book in the safety of the bedroom (or play space) is the best way to start. From learning how to create the perfect BDSM scene to getting it into practise, our range will help you explore BDSM in all areas of play.

Check out Tristan Taormino’s The Ultimate Guide to Kink, or SM101, and for something a little more specialised, Two Knotty Boys bring best selling comprehensive guides to rope bondage with Back on the Ropes, & the Toybag collection offers you a series of pocket sized guides on Chastity Play, Medical Play, Canes and Caning, plus more.

Through our BDSM books and erotica, you can find everything from bondage tips, negotiating a consensual sub/dom relationship, how to bring power play, discipline and punishment, or rough sex into your repertoire, or simply just expanding your knowledge, Max Black's BDSM books and guides will leave you shivering in anticipation…


Come in-store or online for our selection of manuals, how-to sex books, and guides to bettering your life of play and to get you thinking and learning more about yourself, your sexuality, and your partner/s as possible. Welcome to the sex-ed you never got in school!