For a number of people with a disability it can be tricky to find resources and information about sex, sexuality and the “how to” of play. The following are a collection of carefully selected products which have proven helpful and popular in assisting with a range of specific needs. These products are useful tools to help those with a disability explore their sexuality solo or with a partner/s.

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What is Accessible Play?

Accessible play is anything designed to be used with the body/bodies of people with a disability, to enhance the positioning, relearn sensation and compliment overall enjoyment of intimate play.

Some Ideas for Accessible Play... 

  • The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability. A BOOK by authors; Miriam Kaufman, Cory Silverberg & Fran Odette, is a complete sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions. Useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • LUBRICANTS are great for sex, masturbation, toys and general intimate hydration. They come in all kinds of consistencies and are designed to take the pressure off your body, ease movement, and enhance sensation, so you can just focus on pleasure. We stock all kinds of organic and preservative-free lubricants.

  • VIBRATORS like body wands, can extend the reach for access to a variety of different positions most suited to you and your body. Other vibrators are WEARABLE, like COUPLES VIBRATORS and COCK RINGS, and can be attached directly to the hands or genitals. These vibrators can work for those with limited gripping function in the hands or limited mobility in general. We also stock APP CONTROLLED vibrators that can be controlled by yourself, a partner/s or a sex worker via a Bluetooth connection (as far as international if you like!)

  • There are also great options for hands-free play with SUCTION CUP DILDOS. Whether it’s against a wall, in the shower, or on a sturdy chair, a good suction cup dildo can provide access to playing in many different ways. We also stock a variety of long-handled and non-suction cup dildos as well as STRAP ON harnesses to hold and support toys for all bodies.

  • Stimulation of the PROSTATE can actually benefit health and can also help people with erectile dysfunction orgasm. At Max we stock vibrating and non-vibrating PLUGS to help you relax into the stimulating sensations of anal play.

  • MASTURBATION sleeves provide access to stimulation for those with a penis. They come with many different features, textures and even vibrations. Masturbation sleeves can be used manually and some can even be attached to a wall or mounted position for hands-free play.

  • Vibrators and stimulators are wonderful devices to create pleasure. However, they are also equally important to finding the most comfortable position and SUPPORT for play. This is where sex WEDGES and RAMPS come in. Max provides some of the best props and accessories on the market. Wedges and waterproof blankets can enhance access to positioning, support posture and liberate worry for play that gets a little wet and wild.

  • Give us a CALL IN-STORE to discuss which products may best suit your preference for play.

Shopping at Max Black

Due to NSW law regulations all adult premises are scarcely accessible directly via street level. We understand that this can be an obstacle to some of our customers, so we encourage calling our store and talking with one of the friendly staff. If you have any questions or require any recommendations, we’re happy to discuss the tricky questions you may have, be it reduced sensation, limited mobility or health issues, our staff can work with you to identify what sexual activities you would like to participate in, then brainstorm ways and find particular products that can best support that play.

At Max Black, we pride ourselves on making no assumptions about your identity, status and sexuality - including based on what you are purchasing or enquiring about. Across the board, we take discretion seriously, both in-store and online. Our packaging and parcels will always be discreet and our staff value and respect your privacy.


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