Welcome to our world of latex clothing and accessories- our rubber wonderland. If Max Black was a singular person, you could be sure they’d be wrapped in a latex body suit 24/7. Our dedicated Rubber Room has our hand picked assortment of international, high quality latex clothing, from the brands we love.

With a mix of traditional and contemporary styles of latex clothing available, we look to dress everyone in a latex rubber second skin, be they dedicated fetishists or modern fashionistas. We import our latex from reputable international brands in limited quantities, so make sure you get your garment before it sells out.

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Rubber Brands

Whether you’re after a latex costume, latex suit, or head to toe latex outfit, we have the crème de la crème of the rubber fashion world. Grab some rubber basics from Honour and Libidex, or go a little more couture with Ooh La Latex and Etiquette. We have a range of hoods and masks from Rubber55, and full body catsuits in every size and shape.

If you’ve never tried on a latex piece, we highly recommend doing so. It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Latex clothing can be for everyone - inside and outside the dungeon. We’ve been dressing the rubber scene for years, as well as from As/Is (aka Buzzfeed) to Vogue. And you never know, you might reeeeeally like it (we sure do). If you’re unsure where to start, come in-store to experience latex in the flesh, and see what kinds of latex and rubber outfits we have.


Latex Care

  • Caring for your latex is super important in order to make your latex garments last for years and years.
  • Make sure you give your pieces a good clean in warm water and a neutral soap, or with a specialised product like Viviclean, after every use. Oils, dirt, and sweat from wearing your garments can degrade the rubber if left on for too long, so make sure you wash your latex after each wear.
  • Never use chemicals, perfumes, make up, or dyes on your latex. These will degrade and stain the material.
  • Use a specialised latex shiner or good quality 100% silicone based lubricant for shining purposes. We recommend Pjur silicone lubricant or Vivishine.