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Super Slyde Silicone Lubricant 400ml


The OMG Size...

Max Black is proud to be the very first store in Australia to stock SuperSlyde!

Have a healthy sex life? Then you need our economy 400mL bottle by your bedside. The elegant one-hand press top dispenser reduces mess and wastage – dispense only what you need and nothing more. All this fun for less than the price of a massage. 

Good lubrication, like pheromones, is an essential. Though often overlooked it is an element of good sexual chemistry. Unlike the rest, good lubrication is the only element of sexual chemistry you can buy off the shelf - thank goodness we have our shelves stocked with Super Slyde.

 Silicone Lubricants have some fantastic properties...

  • Slippery and smooth, silicone lubricant forms a sheer layer which your skin simply glides over
  • Since these lubes contain no water, they take much longer to dry, staying slick for a long time
  • Non-irritating, silicone is great for people with sensitive skin
  • Re-apply less frequently, a few drops go a long way
  • Feels slick and slippery, not sticky after a few minutes of use
  • Can be used for full body massage, may be left on skin for moisturising effect
  • Since it doesn’t break down in water, can be used in the shower or bath, or underwater or in the rain (if you’re into that)
  • Latex-safe

But not all silicone lubes are equal. SuperSlyde was carefully developed over 18 months and went through countless tests and variations to arrive at the 'perfect' personal silicone lube. In short, Super Slyde is:

  • Super slick and smooth
  • Unbelievably sensual
  • Ultra long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Latex safe

Also available in different sizes 10ml x 2, 100ml and 250ml.

Find out first hand why SuperSlyde is preferred by 9 out of 10 in a double-blind survey. Special 2 x 10mL sampler for only AU$5.00