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Mr Limpy Soft Packer - Extra Small


The Mr Limpy "Mr Softie" packer is a great and affordable packer for FTM guys, ideal for every day wear. Made from from "Cyberskin", it is temperature responsive for that ultra-realistic feel. 

Its flat base means that it sits comfortably and naturally against the body. For best fit, wear with packing underwear or a harness such as Rodeoh Button Fly Boxers.

Also available in S, M and L

Size Chart: Extra Small: 3.5" length; 4 inch circumference 

Available in 3 Colours: Caramel and Nude

Care: Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Pat dry with towel. To keep out moisture and keep it fresh, dust with cornstarch which you can buy from most supermarkets and chemists.