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Kiiroo PEARL - WiFi Female G-Spot Toy


Afar But Yet So, So Close...

If you thought smart technology was at its peak, then think again. KIIROO presents a new kind of online communication, one that takes intimacy beyond the screen in front of you. With their revolutionary video chat platform, you’ll be able to share more than just a link: You’ll be able to intimately connect to anyone, anywhere. In the past, these kinds of teledildonic devices and cyberdildonic toys were not user friendly. KIIROO is different because the discreet devices blend seamlessly into your everyday life. Discover what sex tech can do for you and geeks.

PEARL isn’t just a luxury G-spot vibrator – it’s also a joystick, allowing you to control your partner’s device through our platform. The powerful motor, sensual curve, and soft Hygiene Silicone coating will hit all the right spots, while you make him beg for more. Simply connect it to its counterpart - ONYX!

Under its smooth Hygiene Silicone coating, Pearl boasts capacitive touch rings, capable of sharing your most intimate movements. Connect your Pearl to your partner’s Onyx over the KIIROO platform and enjoy being in control of your partner’s pleasure, as well as your own.

How It Works:

Pearl can be used solo or over Kiiroo's secure platform. You’re only paired with the partner (or partners) of your choice, and your personal information is completely secure. Using Pearl is easy and intuitive. Once turned on, Pearl automatically connects to the computer with Bluetooth. Once you open the platform application, you’re ready to connect real-time and enjoy – no strings attached.

The sensual curve provides G-spot stimulation, but is gentle enough for even the sex toy novice. Meanwhile, Pearl’s motor provides a kick that ensures your needs are met. A manual is available on

NEW 12. AUG 15 - KIIROO users will be able to connect their Onyx and Pearl using their smartphones with the App of Things. The free app is available for Apple and Android. For more information about the App of Things, visit


  • Take Full Control of Your Partners Stimulation
  • Interactive Online and Offline
  • Touch Sensitive
  • Ergonomic G-spot Curve Design
  • Powerful Motor With 5 Vibration Modes
  • Connects via Bluetooth and Internet
  • Enhanced by a Video Chat Platform
  • One-way Connection for Full Control
  • Long Distant Play Across the World
  • Discreet and Wireless Design

Material Phthalate-free, Body-Safe Silicone Surface

Colour White

Size 190x30x30 mm

Things You Should Know: Please use high quality water-based lubricants with this toy, such as Yes. The toy is easy to clean with mild detergent (e.g. baby soap) and warm water. Please make sure to store silicone toys separately from each other.