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Fun Factory Duo Smartballs


Designed specifically for women they stimulate, massage, and train. A small weight inside a safe elastomer shell rocks with movement, providing a gentle bumping sensation. It feels a like an increasingly intimate massage, it does all the work for you.

The phthalate-free elastomer means these unique balls are velvety-smooth and the simplest of toys to clean.  The join between the two balls is extremely flexible, making them very comfortable to use.  A patented manufacturing method make Fun Factory Smartballs the quietest duotone balls on the planet!  They're also very easy to use with a finger hollow for "easy-in" insertion, and a strong silicone loop for removal.

Recommended by midwives for the training of pelvic floor muscles. Using the balls after childbirth can help many women regain control and continence, and many women enjoy stronger orgasms when their vaginal muscles are stronger.

Tip: These balls can also be inserted to enjoy a feeling of fullness during solo play.

We recommend using only water-based lubricants with this item. Try the super-slick PJUR Woman Aqua.