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Path to Pleasure Game

The Path to Pleasure is so much more than a board game--it’s a creative journey designed to stimulate all your senses. Listen, feel, look, taste and touch as you and your partner experience intimate and sensual moments together.

Where the Journey is as Exciting as the Destination.

Take it in turns to roll the dice to see what your next pleasure will be. The square you land on corresponds to a sexy and intimate action to surprise and delight your lover. The game starts by awakening desire, moves through anticipation, building warmer challenges until it explodes in a climax of passion and pleasure--with three stages of excitement each square will bring you closer together. Although this is a time when the journey really is as enjoyable as the destination, the player who arrives at square 69 first has the pleasure of receiving a special treat.  

Box Includes:

  • Game Board
  • Dice
  • 6 x Playing Pieces
  • Rules Card

Suggested Sensual Extras:

Ice cubes, chocolate spread, hand cuffs, blindfold, whip, massage oil, Champagne...whatever you wish. Many normal house hold items will work wonders; however you could always treat yourselves to something naughty.