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Nookii - Card Game


Like A Bit of Nooki?

Add some real pizzazz to your sex life with this fun and sexy game…

Definitely not your average adult game, Nookii is a map to foreplay and a key to a door of possibilities on a multitude of sensual interactions. How can you resist? The basic premise of the game is for you to enjoy the object of your desire. Throw the dice, set the timer, and follow the naughty instructions on the ‘ooh’ ‘aah’ and ‘mmm’ cards. Each of the category cards have varying levels of sauciness, ranging from cheeky to kinky to downright rude! Open a bottle, put on some music, hang the door sign and have some fun tonight.


  • 90 Nookii Cards
  • Door Sign
  • Timer
  • Blindfold (silky scarf)
  • Dice
  • Playing Guide