Imanadari Counselling

For a long time Western psychology focused on the normal curve as a benchmark for psychological health. Under this view individuals who fall within the norm are considered healthy and psychologically sound, while those who fall outside the norm are considered unhealthy. 

Diversity positive counselling takes a fundamentally different view of what health and wellbeing entail. It acknowledges that human diversity is a positive and essential part of wellbeing. Under this view, behaviours that often have stigma attached to them (such as body modification, multiple partner relationships, diverse sexual practices or gender/sexual orientation that falls outside what is considered "normal") can be recognised for what they are - expressions of the natural diversity of the human experience. 

Our aim in counselling practice with all clients is to respect a person's fundamental right to express themselves as a unique individual, whatever form that expression may take.

 We are respectful of all forms of expression and we are an inclusive service. While we are alternative friendly, our inclusion is not limited only to those with alternative lifestyles – whoever you might be, you are welcome.

 There are two lovely therapists to talk to and all you have to do to find out more is click the image below: