HowHard is made for and run by sexually adventurous men who play hard with other men. 

Warning: Site contains adult content. Discretion Advised.

Whichever way you identify, HowHard is for us men and our buddies who enjoy kinkier, harder and more adventurous sexual play.

HowHard is run by the Sexually Adventurous Men’s (SAM) project at ACON ( with a strong connection and involvement from our community. 

Offering our community all the relevant information about sexual health, safer sexual practices and drug use – and how sex when partying can be done safely – we want to talk openly about taboos and the darker side of play.

We acknowledge and respect that in our play spaces, we learn from each other. HowHard is the collection of all that knowledge – whether it’s the harder play and filthier desires in the Backroom or the latest Sexual Health info - in one online space.

We want you to take care of yourself, your partners and your f*ckbuddies. And we want you to keep telling us how you look after yourself and your mates when playing hard, by contributing your stories, advice and any questions you might have.

Order a free PlayPack from us for your fun sessions at home and stay safe while partying by making the most of our collection of community and sexual health knowledge at HowHard.