DocLIst - Because Lesbian and Bisexual women patients want good doctors.

We want doctors who are caring and competent. We want to be respected by our doctors, and we want to feel that our consultations with a doctor are a place in which we are safe and are not judged. We want our doctors to demonstrate that they are comfortable with our sexual orientation, and have some knowledge of how our sexual orientation impacts on our health issues. We want them to realise that sexual orientation is not just about our sexual behaviour, but about who we love, how we identify, and with whom we socially interact.

Some lesbian and bi women patients are not open about their sexual orientation with their doctor.  Some feel it is not important for their doctor to know what kind of relationships they have or what communities they belong to, while others are not ‘out’ to their doctor because they cannot guarantee a positive response. 

Some women patients have found a doctor they can be ‘out’ to, and this can mean they get better health care because they don’t withhold information about the important relationships in their lives.

What is ALMA?

The Australian Lesbian Medical Association (ALMA) is a network of around one hundred lesbian doctors and medical students from all over Australia.  ALMA is contacted frequently by women patients wanting recommendations of a lesbian/bi-friendly doctors in their area.  In response to this need, a group of ALMA members decided to start the Doctors Recommended by Lesbians and Bi women patients project.

How does DocLIST work?

We are making a list of doctors recommended by lesbians and bi women patients all over Australia.  Some of these doctors are themselves lesbian or bisexual, while many are heterosexual but are lesbian/bi-friendly.  At the top of the list it clearly state that the doctors on the list are not necessarily lesbian/bi women.  ALMA does not guarantee the quality of medical service provided by these doctors.

Rather, these doctors have been recommended by lesbian and bi women patients patients as doctors with whom they feel comfortable being open about matters to do with their sexual orientation. For a doctor to be included on the list, ALMA requires a recommendation from at least one lesbian / bisexual woman (see other criteria below). Once a recommendation is received, ALMA will write to the doctor informing them about the project (without disclosing the person who recommended them) to ask if they consent to be on the list.

The list is available online at, where it is updated and maintained by members of ALMA.