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My relationship counselling approach is tailored to suit your unique needs. I am committed to helping you get the best possible benefits from our work together.The foundation of my relationship and couples counselling approach is holistic. I view the whole of you in the context of your unique needs, values and history. This allows me to support you in accessing your inherent strengths and wisdom. You can utilize your own ability to heal and recover from past relationship pain.

 I work with:

Singles who are lonely and want to uncover their blocks to starting a new relationship.

Couples that are experiencing conflict and want to find a way to deal with their differences.

Individuals who are in a relationship and want to improve it.

Couples who have a good relationship and want to make it even better.

What makes me different from other relationship and couples therapists? I have close to a decade of counselling training and experience with individuals and couples who have struggled with many of the painful issues that you may be dealing with right now. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples move out of negative and painful patterns of relating to live full and rich relationships that are life-enhancing, enduring and rewarding.

Free 10 minute consultation online for new clients.

Located in Sydney and Newtown.

Contact Clinton in these ways:

Phone: 0412 241 410