Condoms, Dams & Lubricants | Sex Essentials

Since the beginning of Max Black time, we’ve been obsessed with finding the best lubricants. At Max Black, we specialise in glycerin free, body-friendly and condom safe sex lubricants. Plus, our lubricant range online and in-store is as diverse as they are slippery.  

Lubricants are great for sex, masturbation, toys and general intimate hydration. They come in all kinds of consistencies and are designed to take the pressure off your body, or even enhance sensation, so you can just focus on pleasure.

We stock the lubricant brands you love like Pjur, Sliquid, Wicked, and Astroglide, as well as all kinds of organic and preservative-free lubricants. There are sensation stimulating lubricants, flavoured lubricants and even relaxing lubricants. Plus, Max has a huge range of water based, silicone and hybrid lubricants, free of parabens, sugars, unnecessary additives, and other body-unfriendly nasties.

Be it backdoor, internal, clitoral, or massage friendly, we have a whole wall of lubricants in-store (our lube-ary), and the best sex lubricants online - all in one place. In fact, we’ve extensively searched the globe for our handpicked lubricant selection, so you don’t have to. 

Always slippery and never sticky, whether you’re looking for all-rounder lubricants, or a separate lube for every occasion, we have no doubt you’ll find the best lubricants at Max Black. Can’t decide? Feel free to visit us in-store or call for extra advice.