Floggers, Paddles & Canes | BDSM

Floggers, paddles, canes and crops - Max has one of the largest and lushest range of leather, neoprene, metal and wood BDSM toys and impact tools in all of the big, bad Inner West. We take great pride in our BDSM wall of goods at Max, so if you take pleasure in punishment and are in the market for some new extreme sex toys or restraints, you’re in the right place.

Max stocks only the best quality handcrafted brands, like Wild Hide, Tantus, and Model Traitor, with the finest craftsmanship from all over the globe. Our paddles, whips and floggers are available in leather, rubber, and neoprene, and in a variety of colours, like red, purple and black. Plus, we stock discipline canes and crops with plenty of bite in wood, bamboo and hard plastics. Not into leather? We stock vegan BDSM goods, so come-in and ask about our non-leather and (animal) cruelty-free kink toys, or feel free to pop in and feel the excellent quality of our range in the flesh.

If you’re fresh to this kind of play, our staff know a thing or two and will be happy to help you out with the perfect product, or how to negotiate impact play with your partner/s for the first time. Please note: All BDSM and impact play should be entered with sensitivity and conversation. Remember, it is not good BDSM unless it is consensual!