Couple's Vibes

Our couple's vibes – include the wide range of couple's rings also referred to as vibrating cock rings or vibrating o-rings available at Max Black – can be a lot of fun and can enhance love-making for both of you. Couple's rings remain some of Max Black customers' favourite items. Worn at the base of the penis shaft they help keep him harder for longer, and usually feature a vibrating clitoral stimulator that essentially turns him into a rabbit-style vibrator. Since it's an understatement to say that many women enjoy clitoral stimulation, that means bigger, better orgasms for everyone!

Cock rings may also be worn further down to include the whole kit & caboodle (on the shaft - below the testicles). When worn below the testicles, their natural retraction towards the body is reduced. This will often have the effect of prolonging the time before the man ejaculates. These toys are really a win win-win all around!

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