Safe Sex - Condoms & Dams | Sex Essentials 

The Max Black vision is synonymous with promoting and extending our knowledge of sexual health, and condoms are a great place to start. We’ve scoured our sources for the best condoms in Australia, and have curated an online and in-store collection for all types of play, sensitivities, and bodily needs. Not only do the best condoms make sex safer - they can make it more playful, with lots of varieties to explore. 

At Max we stock all the essentials: latex and nonlatex condoms, femidoms, large condoms, dental dams, non-lubricated, and nitrile gloves, as well as something a little different, like flavoured, vegan, and ribbed condoms. Check out our condoms online, or come in-store and chat to our knowledgeable staff about what style of protection is best for you and your needs.

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