Bedroom Accessories

We believe any opportunity to accessorise is a good one, and the bedroom is no exception. At Max we have selected a range of erotically charged accessories that range from naughty to nice, and all kinks in between. 

The range of adult lingerie and accessories in Max Black’s lingerie room have been hand picked from some of the best brands from around the world. Consider us your own erotic lingerie boutique, with styles and pieces to perfect every outfit for every occasion.

From body harnesses and cuffs, to beautiful and delicate bit gags and eye masks, our range of erotic accessories will heat up every occasion. Only the best will do, and we stock brands like Model Traitor, Fraulein Kink, and Maison Close, each specialising in sensual styles that are absolutely stunning, on and off the body.

Browse online for your erotic accessory, or come in-store to touch, feel, and try on our full range of adult lingerie and accessories. For inspiration, our helpful (and stylish) staff will be able to lend a hand, whatever the theme or occasion.

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